Culture Assurance from an independent, data-driven solution to identify organizational risk.

Providing leadership with simple & powerful Culture Health Metrics.

Organizations must quantify a culture that is no longer dependent upon being together.

Leaders need optics into the variety of worker-needs to drive culture across a hybrid and remote workforce.

Unbalanced Culture

Businesses need to determine where “Unbalanced Culture” is a drag on remote & hybrid working.

Balanced Culture

Organizations must recognize where “Balanced Culture” can nurture in-office work policies for collaboration, innovation, and mentoring.

Powerful Metrics

Leaders need simple & powerful metrics to create a framework of accountability for stakeholders responsible for supporting the day-to-day culture of your business.

The pandemic has created a new paradigm for culture.

What is Culture?

A set of shared mental assumptions that guide interpretation and action in organizations by defining appropriate behavior in various situations.*

Culture is how values are represented within a business every day.

*Davide Ravasi & Majken Schultz